Application for Businesses

The Nick Bollettieri Achievement Method serves businesses in helping leaders define, implement, and maintain three fundamental and foundational components necessary for a healthy, thriving, and increasingly valuable business. These include:

  • A Culture of Excellence
  • Great Coaches
  • Extraordinary Teams

A culture of excellence the Bollettieri way means patterns of expected behavior pursuing perfection with maximum effort. Doing the best, you are capable of and treating others with care and consideration. It means competency and cooperation that leads to collaboration and innovation, and always putting the team first.

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Great Coaches are Excellent Leaders

All great coaches are excellent leaders, but all leaders are not great coaches. Coaching skills have become critical to lead and motivate a more diverse workforce. And with that, leadership training is essential to a successful workplace and workforce. New workers and prospective team members are armed with a powerful set of technological tools that changes how people communicate, connect and engage. New team members are raised with social rules and norms that may be different than the values established for an organization.

Bringing all of this together in a productive, cohesive, harmonic way takes a great coach, not a manager, not a supervisor, not a boss.

Great coaching the  is a well-defined combination of values, principles, process, and behavior.

This blueprint for effective coaching represents the Coaching Fundamentals that guided Wooden in his profession and in his remarkable life.

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